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Valinch & Mallet is an independent spirits bottler founded in 2016 by industry veteran Fabio Ermoli and asset manager-turned-entrepreneur Davide Romano. Based in the UK and Italy, Valinch & Mallet tours the world's best whisky, rum and bourbon distilleries to identify the most unique-tasting casks which are then released with their brand.

Usually sold at industry trade fairs and the most specialized liquor stores, Valinch & Mallet's bottlings are extremely hard to come by with new bottlings normally selling out within days of being released.

Furthermore, Valinch & Mallet also trades in private whisky casks. Should you wish to find out more about Valinch & Mallet please visit their website or contact

"As a lover of fine whiskies and rums I am extremely pleased to announce that our guests will be able to try a selection of Valinch & Mallet's whisky and rum bottlings after dinner for no additional cost."


Philip W. Lloyd, President of the Milan JBSB Organizing Committee


Davidoff is without a doubt a name synonymous with luxury.

One of the biggest names in sophisticated smoking, Davidoff offers an extensive assortment of luxury handmade cigars to suit all manner of serious connoisseurs, plus an impressive array of scores from popular cigar magazines.

The Davidoff selection offers a refined range in strength profiles from medium- to full-bodied, and each and every handcrafted cigar ensures an elegant experience. Each Davidoff Cigar has a unique flavor. And yet, they all share something that instinctively tells you - this is a Davidoff. The reason? All of our cigars are created the same way. By hand. By smell. By experts.

This year, the Milan JBSB has partnered with Davidoff's Italian distributor: International Tobacco Agency to provide Davidoff's new cigarillo range to guests who wish to try the king of cigars

THE SECRET RECIPE: Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure when it comes to aperitifs.


ADAMAS is the exclusive Italian caviar which represents excellence in the caviar farming 100% made in Italy. ADAMAS caviar is a jewel for the gourmet, pure and precious as a diamond. 

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